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Welcome to the stay at home dads website.

Being a stay at home dad is unlike any other job or career you may have had before. For one thing you don't get paid! It is certainly not the easy option that some people think it to be, but it can be rewarding and fulfilling too.

So this website is here to provide some advice, information and chill-out time for all stay at home dads everywhere. We have a news section, some helpful articles, information on money matters, a gadgets page, a new health section and some home dads views.

We are always happy to hear from any dads so please use our contact page to let us know your thoughts, opinions or moans.

Take a look at what is on the site:

I would like this website to be as interactive as possible, with lots of contributions and submissions from other stay at home dads. So if you have any ideas, comments, suggestions or would like to write anything for the site please go to the 'Contact Me' page, select your topic and type your message. All messages received will be read and I will try to include as many as I can onto the website.

To make the site totally interactive I need your input so please do feel free to send me your ideas and submissions. And just remember in whatever you face as a stay at home dad YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

drawing of a stay-at-home-dad and two young children

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